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Gerardo Barrios cover.pdf
Although López Vallecillos was not trained as a historian, his two-volume biography of the nineteenth century president and caudillo Gerardo Barrios was one of the first documentary histories of El Salvador ever published. He relied on letters,…

Inventario cover.pdf
This volume of López Vallecillos' poetry was published in 1977, a time of sharpening tensions and rising political violence in El Salvador. While many of his poetic colleagues were writing plainly political verse, had joined guerrilla movements, or…

Imagenes cover.pdf
López Vallecillos published this volume of introspective, at times melancholic poetry in 1961, the year he turned 29.

Periodismo cover.pdf
This is the cover of López Vallecillos's widely cited history of journalism in El Salvador, published in 1964, in which he traces the history of news-writing and commentary from Spanish colonial times until the advent of television journalism in the…
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