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López Vallecillos maintained a voluminous correspondence with writers and academics. Some letters reflect the growing demands for social and political change that were sweeping Central America, others more humdrum business involving money, contracts, and travel. This collection features a selection of letters from his personal archives, including letters mailed to López Vallecillos and copies of letters he sent to others.


López Vallecillos Family Archive



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Letter from López Vallecillos to Claribel Alegría, 13 October 1969
In this letter to the Salvadoran novelist and poet Claribel Alegría, addressed to her on Mallorca in Spain, López Vallecillos praises the recently published novel she wrote with her husband Darwin Flakoll, Cenizas de Izalco (Ashes of Izalco). The…

Letter from José Roberto Cea to López Vallecillos, 27 May 1973
Cea, one of the poets of La Pájara Pinta, is visiting Chile and offers a vivid description of life under the Salvador Allende government in this letter written a few months before the Pinochet coup.

Letter from Jorge Arias Gómez to López Vallecillos, 25 January 1972
Jorge Arias Gómez (1923-2002) was a leader of the Salvadoran Communist Party, a prominent law professor at the University of El Salvador and a friend of many poets and writers. In this letter, he complains to López Vallecillos about "ultra-leftists"…

Letter from Fabio Castillo to López Vallecillos, 2 August 1972
Fabio Castillo, former rector of El Salvador's national university, has been driven into exile in Nicaragua after the university was invaded and occupied by the army on order of the military government in 1972. The military believed the campus was a…

Letter from David Escobar Galindo to López Vallecillos, 27 August 1973
Born in 1943, David Escobar Galindo began publishing poems in his twenties and soon became one of El Salvador's most recognizable poetic voices. While others experimented with radical forms and unconventional subject matter, Escobar Galindo stuck to…

Letter from Abel Cuenca to López Vallecillos, 22 March 1975
Abel Cuenca (1909-1975) was one of the Communist organizers of a 1932 peasant uprising in western El Salvador that was crushed by the military dictator Maximiliano Hernández Martínez. The mass murders carried out by army troops on the dictator's…

Letter from Eunice Odio to López Vallecillos, (1972?)
Eunice Odio (1919-1974) was a Costa Rican poet who lived most of her working life in Guatemala, New York, and Mexico City, where she died. Her work has come under renewed critical attention. She was an eccentric, prophetic poet who lived "outside the…

Letter from Sergio Ramírez to López Vallecillos, 11 August 1974
Sergio Ramírez Mercado is one of Latin America's most important novelists. Born in 1942, he served as vice president in the first Sandinista government in his native Nicaragua in the 1980s, an experience he described in his memoir Adios muchachos…

Letter from López Vallecillos to Rafael Menjívar, 1 August 1969
In this letter, López Vallecillos describes the wave of jingoism that has gripped El Salvador during its short war with Honduras in 1969. The war was provoked by Honduras's decision to expel thousands of Salvadorans who were living there, many of…

Letter from Salvador Cayetano Carpio to López Vallecillos, 10 March 1969
Salvador Cayetano Carpio (1918-1983) was a veteran union organizer and leader of the Salvadoran Communist Party who, in 1970, left the party to create an anti-government guerrilla group that became known as the Popular Liberation Forces (FPL). The…
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